In June of 2007, the band was finally ready to enter the studio. Dave Fortman was chosen to help achieve the sonic fusion Simple Plan envisioned as it recorded “SIMPLE PLAN" in Los Angeles and Montreal. "He was the one who actually felt the most excited about the record and making this different kind of hybrid," Bouvier says. "It was important for us to have a rock producer that could really capture the way we sound live but that could also, at the same time, embrace this new direction. It really was a collaboration between the band, Dave and Danja" -- and later, hit maker Max Martin, who helped the group finish "Generation." "Everybody chipped in, in order to make this combination of styles blend perfectly and achieve the kind of record that we had envisioned."

Considering the final results, "SIMPLE PLAN" seemed like the title best-suited for this project.
"We feel like it really represents us," Bouvier explains. "At this point in our career, with two albums that have done really well, we have that confidence and it just felt right that this should be the self-titled one."

The musical experiments also inspired Bouvier and Comeau to pen some of their most focused and provocative lyrics to date. "Save You" deals with Bouvier's brother's battle with cancer. "What If" is a wideview essay, inspired by the TV show "Heroes" about changing and improving the world. And though the swelling "I Can Wait Forever" is an unconditional love song about Bouvier's current relationship, much of the rest of the album deals with dark and even bitter romantic tumult.

"I feel so strongly about these songs" says Stinco, "and I've believed since we started this band that a strong song always prevails. These are definitely songs we can stand behind and endorse, and I can't wait to play them live."

Desrosiers was equally enthusiastic. "I felt like I was 12 years old again when I heard 'When I'm Gone' on the radio,” he explains. “It just sounded so... fresh. I don't think I've ever been this excited about the band. I don't think any of us have, really."
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Chuck said, he and the other personnel Simple Plan, consisting of
  • Pierre Bouvier (vokal),
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  • S├ębastien Lefebvre (gitar), dan
  • David Desrosiers (bass), was walking in Jakarta

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