The Stroke is one of my favorite band. There are from New York city.

The sound of The Strokes is the result of frantic living, and the late nights and the early mornings they've spent making their music in New York City. Their music makes you want to forget who you are, and unlocks the possibilities of what you might want to be.

The Strokes are five close friends who began assembling together at the Music Building in New York City at 1998 to lay foundations of a rock and roll band. Together on stage ata Stroke show you will see and hear ;
  • Albert Hammond Jr
    . an Rythm Guitars
  • Nick Valenci for Lead Guitar
  • Nikolai Fraiture an a Bassist
  • Julian Casablancas of Lead Vicalist
  • Fabrizio Moretti on Drummer or Percussion
Upon the release of their debut album Is This It in 2001, the group was met with much chritcal acclaim. NME made Is This It their Album of the year. Since then the band has maintained a large of fan base, mostly in the UK, US dan Australia. They have been on unofficial hiatus since 2006 First Impression Of Earth. A number of member have embarked on a variety of side projects.

The Strokes were so caught up in the excitement from the buzz circulating around their music that they took the initiative and began to record their debut album with Raphael at his Transporter Raum Studio before signing a record deal. The result is the eleven-song LP titled Is This It which RCA will be releasing in the US on September 25.

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